Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lesson Recap~August 4, 2013

For Sunday’s lesson we discussed the programs and design of the Relief Society and how we as sisters can work together to “Hasten the Work” of the Lord.  We can choose to move to “The Tip of the Spear”, so to speak as we build the Lords church in our ward and as member missionaries. 
Reference to the Church’s new website, was introduced and discussed as a way for all of us to learn our part in this great work. Sister Bracken then continued to explain how the Relief Society is organized with Visiting Teachers and Committees that will help us as sisters know and enlarge upon our areas of focus.  Each committee chairman then explained their committee, told what it had done this year and some of the plans they have for the upcoming year.  The committees in our ward are
Compassionate Service
Home and Family
Welfare & Preparedness
Temple & Family History


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